Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend round-up

Total steps yesterday:  4,756
Total naps yesterday:  1
Exercise plans for today:  3 mile run

I'm a bad weekend exerciser.  And apparently a bad weekend blogger too.  Back when I was half-marathon training, I loved having my weekend long runs as an incentive to get exercise in on the weekends.  Now that I no longer have that, I tend to not do any exercise on the weekends, other than prenatal yoga.   I nap and eat and read and go out for brunch rather than exercising, which is awesome in its own way, of course, but I should be better at fitting something in.  Even my daily walks with the dog get skipped or shortened, and Zoe isn't happy about that.

But, new day, back to work, and back to working out.  I'm pretty tired today but am planning on a run during lunch, even if it's very, very slow.  We're doing caesar salad and roast chicken breasts for dinner, and I need to do something to work off the calories ahead of time.

In other updates from the weekend, James and I made a German-style dinner on Saturday night:


Roasted brussell sprouts, sweet sauerkraut and turkey kielbasa, pierogis, and some awesome mustard.  This meal pretty perfectly encompasses the different ways James and I cook.  I made the brussell sprouts.  It's a pretty easy dish that turns out amazing.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Trim the ends / steams off your brussell sprouts.  Put in 1 tablespoon of olive oil for every .5 pounds of brussell sprouts (I fully admit to cooking 2 lbs. for James and I, which doesn't always get eaten but sometimes does).  Season with salt and pepper (I use kosher salt since it seems to stick to the sprouts better, but regular table salt is fine too).  Bake for 35-45 minutes until the outside is dark brown / black.  The first time you make them, you'll want to pull them out sooner than that, but trust me and leave them in.  The outside crispy leaves are delicious, and the inside is warm and soft and everything wonderful about brussell sprouts.

I was on a walk when James was putting together the sauerkraut in our bean pot.  I asked him how he made it so I could include the recipe, and his response was something along the lines of, "I chopped up the brats, mixed them with the sauerkraut, added some brown sugar and apples and other stuff, and put it in the oven".  He couldn't define how much "some" was in real measurements or "other stuff" was in ingredients.  What can I say?  I love a good recipe, he loves a good improvisation.

The pierogis were frozen and not that great.  I made fresh ones for Christmas dinner last year and they were much, much better.

Sunday was our anniversary and we went to a Korean/Cajun fusion restaurant called Mokomandy.  I wish I was braver about taking pictures of food in restaurants because all of the dishes were so, so pretty.  It was tapas style, so we split some deviled eggs (delicious with smoked paprika and bacon on top), kobe beef carpaccio (not bad, but I didn't love it and didn't eat much anyway since raw meat is sort of frowned upon for pregnant women, but James loved it), foie gras dumplings (first time eating foie gras for me), korean potroast sliders (really good and some sort of sweet marinade that I want to try to make at home), and a wild boar stew (not my favorite, some spice in it rubbed me the wrong way).  We'll definitely be going back, especially since they also had an awesome drink list that I was, sadly, unable to enjoy.  I had a iced green sweet tea, though, which was pretty awesome.

And then I made James get more frozen yogurt with me.  I ate frozen yogurt three days this last weekend and it was the best life choice ever.

Monday I lounged around, read a book, and cooked oxtail stew for dinner.  We made it once before and it was much better the first time.  It left a little something to be desired this time around - the flavors weren't quite as dynamic, but it was still decent.

Oh!  And in exciting baby news, I can finally feel Lil W starting to move!  It's still not strong enough for James to feel, but it's pretty cool.  Makes me happy.

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  1. The last paragraph makes me especially happy :) Neat review of your weekend! Love yous ~