Friday, September 20, 2013

20 weeks, 20k steps, 5 nighttime push-ups

Total steps yesterday:  20,080
Exercise plans for today:  rest

Huzzah!  Today I am halfway done with pregnancy, give or take a few weeks.  Lil W is proudly 20 weeks old and has settled in around belly button level where s/he will hang out for the next little bit.  Hilariously, on the food comparison scale, W is a banana.  This is more a reference to the length rather than the overall size, because I guarantee that s/he is wider than a banana.  Also, this former English major cannot wait until next Friday when we find out the sex and I can stop having awkward pronoun fights every time I talk Lil W.

I really need to get James to start taking bump pictures so it's not always selfies.

For those keeping track at home, Lil Dubs and I have taken 1.3 million steps together, or about 597 miles.  That means I only have 403 miles to go to hit my "1000 miles to baby" goal.  This seems very doable, especially considering that I was pretty lazy on mileage accumulation throughout my first trimester.  While I don't necessary expect to keep up my same level of activity up through 40 weeks, I think I can do better than I did for the first 10 or so weeks.

Speaking of pregnancy and exercising, this woman is clearly the devil and "This is a good way to lose your baby".  Because everyone is either this woman or her doctor and clearly knows what is best for her.  For what it's worth, I think she looks awesome, and her current goal of limiting her weights to less than 65 pounds makes sense to me, especially if it's less than what she'd previously lifted (which, since she's a dedicated Crossfitter, I guarantee it is).

But that's just my opinion, and I'm sure there are people who would judge the 20,000 step day that I had yesterday (including *gasp* three miles running).  Man, it was a good day.  And it ended with James and I breaking our moratorium on frozen yogurt which was a delicious treat.  Me and fro-yo are friends again.  My favorite part of the night, though, was when James said, "You know, I saw a baby on the street today and actually thought 'Aw, how cute'.  This pregnancy is rubbing off on me".  Love him.

And finally, my movement abilities are still more or less what they always were, with a few changes, but getting out of bed is the hardest thing ever.  Between my pets, my husband, my bump, and my Snoogle, getting up to get water / use the bathroom / push my husband away from me because he's a furnace and I overheat easily these days is a giant pain.  Which is why I'm very grateful to Tony Horton and  Lou Schuler for making me do a million push-ups this last year.  The only way to successfully hoist myself out of bed is to roll on my side, do a sideways push up to sitting, and then stand up.  Go triceps go!  Between my lifting routine and my nighttime push-ups, I'm going to be totes ready to carry around my 8 pound bundle of joy in 20-22 weeks.

Lil W, on the other hand, has zero issues moving around, particularly at night.  I think s/he is going to be an Ultimate Fighting Champion based on the number of kicks and jabs I'm starting to feel.

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