Saturday, September 7, 2013

Amazon Mom > Warrior 2

Total steps yesterday:  13,327
Exercise plans for today:  yoga

First off, a quick shout-out to my darling sister who somehow managed to graduate from college and actually get a job in this economy.  A job in journalism, no less!  She wrote a wonderful article regarding Suicide Prevention Week in our hometown.  So proud of you and the work you do, Elaine (and of my mom, who is also a huge advocate for suicide prevention in the Elko area, and is mentioned in the article).

Also, I haven't been home to Elko to try the restaurant that's selling baked goods as a fundraiser in the article, but according to Yelp it's very good.  Two things:  I can't believe Yelp actually shows Elko restaurants, and I want to buy all of the baked goods in that picture.

Yoga was horrendous today.  We had a substitute teacher, who normally teaches the Thursday night class at the studio, and I learned one thing in class today:  I never want to go to the Thursday night class.  My regular teacher is occasionally a little too hippy-dippy for me, but this one was much worse.  Like, had us chanting positive affirmations and lecturing us on how we needed to smile (big pet peeve of mine) and taking a break in the middle of class to do "giggle yoga" with us.  I was not happy.

Butternut squash = me
And now I want to make some butternut squash soup.

Not sure what the rest of the day will hold.  I'm currently only about 2000 steps in to my day, and given my resolution to add more steps on the weekend, there will probably be a walk or two.  I might go get more maternity clothes, but I think I'm going to wait until next weekend when I have a bit more time.  James has been playing some old school video game this morning, though, and that makes me want to play old school video games as well, so the day could easily go that direction too.  We'll see.

Oh!  I finally bought a running support belt and will report back on that next week once it arrives.  I'm hoping it helps me with some of the ligament pain I've had after runs recently.  More importantly, I signed up for Amazon Mom, which has discounts on various mom items and is having a giant sale on mom and baby stuff through 09/14 (though not on the running belt I wanted).  It could be worth checking out if you're an expecting parent.  Plus, if your Amazon Prime account is registered under your husband's name, you get to annoy him by sending him a text picture of this announcement once you sign up:

Doesn't this seem just a little sexist?  What about the Amazon Dads out there?

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