Sunday, September 29, 2013

Donuts, popcorn, and a 40 minute run

Total steps yesterday:  8,968
Exercise for today:  3.5 mile run

Yesterday was an alright day.  Yoga was a bit of a let down - new substitute teacher and it just felt like she didn't know what she was doing with a prenatal class.  The hour mostly consisted of super gentle easy stretching.  I had to make up for the extreme lack of effort by taking Zoe on a 45 minute walk, a.k.a. talk to my sister and then fall in the river when Zoe pulled on her leash too hard.  It was a win, and while I came in shy of my step goal, I'm okay with that.

There are 9.3 million people in the metro area that I live in.  On my run this morning, I saw three of them.  I know I talk a lot about how I'm lucky to live next to a state park, but seriously.  Twenty steps from my doorways and I can play around for 40 minutes and only see three other people?  I am so, so blessed.  There are various things I will miss when we move out of this area, but being mere steps from isolated running trails is going to be pretty high on that list.

It was a good Sunday morning run.  Perfect temperature, pretty fall foliage, and a mostly successful run (minus one hill that I ended up walking since it was just proving to be too much).  Also, I ran by this field:

See that yellow about halfway up the picture?  Those are flowers.  Flowers that weren't there a few weeks ago.  What kind of plant blooms in the fall?  I'd google it, but I'm far too lazy.

Then I came home and played my new favorite game with Zoe.  I call it "try to stretch without Zoe getting in my way or being so utterly adorable that I laugh too hard to stretch".  Zoe inevitably wins this game:

Roly poly Zoe and a bonus baby bump shot
And then I ate a strawberry frosted donut for second breakfast.  Pink frosting on anything is the best.

James and I both were craving donuts yesterday and figured the best choice was probably to get a dozen so we could have plenty as breakfasts for the next few days.  I don't even want to admit how few are left, but suffice to say I have eaten a lot of sugary carby goodness in the past two days.

I thought this and other recent binges might be poorly reflected on the scale, so I was happy to see that I am still right on track for weight gain.  And at my ultrasound last week, they told me that Lil W weighs in at .13 ounces, which I figure I can round up and blame at least one pound on her now.  So I'll probably continue to eat a donut (or six) without apology, as long as I'm still getting in the occasional workout.

Now I should probably eat a balanced lunch, but I think I'm going to eat popcorn instead.  My diet is terrible this weekend.

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