Sunday, September 22, 2013

Call of the Wild (Runner)

Total steps yesterday:  6,227
Exercise for today:  3.38 mile run

As predicted, I didn't even come remotely close to hitting my 10,000 steps yesterday.  I'd blame the storm that moved in late in the afternoon and continued all through the evening, which kept me from walking Zoe, but really, it was pure laziness.  But I'd had my good yoga workout, and think my body could use the day of more rest, so it all worked out.

I woke up this morning and decided to risk the muddy trails of the state park next door to get in a run.  First, though, I stuck my head out the window and called to the animals, Disney princess style:

La la la la la.
Because my run was lousy with wildlife.  I encountered not only the normal squirrels and birds, but several other forest friends as well:

Hello, deer friend.
Apologies for almost stepping on you.
It was an easy, relaxing 36 minutes of running which started the day out right.  I then came home and got to spend some time with my favorite animal friend.  Zoe joined me on the floor while I stretched from my morning run and she stretched from her morning nap.

I need to get started on making dinner.  I've been craving lasagna lately and am going to throw that together this afternoon, along with several other prep dishes for meals this week to make weekday cooking a little bit easier.  Then laundry, hanging out with James, and maybe getting some frozen yogurt to start the week off right.  We'll see how it goes.

In other news, the following things seems to make Lil W very happy and bouncy and I must do them more often:
  • Warrior 2 pose during yoga
  • Uphill running
  • Eating sour apple sour punch bites
  • Dancing while cooking
  • Playing in the sunshine
  • Getting in to bed (or getting back in to bed four times a night)
  • Showers
In other words, Lil W already has his/her priorities right in terms of bouncy happiness.

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