Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Practicing what I preach and also James' greatest skill

Total steps yesterday:  15,568
Exercise plans for today:  TBD

I really like lists.  I like them for organizing connected thoughts (i.e. "what supplies do we really need for the baby and what can we put off buying until they're old enough to appreciate them?") but I also love them for organizing disconnected thoughts.  So, in no particular order, here's my list of thoughts from yesterday:

1.  I was super tired all morning long and by the time I got to the gym I just wasn't feeling it.  I started my run and only made it a quarter mile before quitting.  I have a few theories on why it didn't feel right yesterday:
a)  I didn't get enough sleep Monday night.
b)  I didn't eat enough carbs on Tuesday morning. 
c)  There's an adorable parasite growing inside of me who sometimes demands I take extra rest.
d)  My Kindle wasn't working and I decided it was too boring to run for 30 minutes without Falling Skies to distract me.

I imagine it was some combination of all of the above.  Long story short, I listened to my own advice about not pushing through exercise if it doesn't feel right, and was pretty much only in the gym long enough to take this fuzzy baby bump picture before I left to get a latte:

All of a sudden I'm showing like crazy.  Also, I need to start taking pictures with my actual camera instead of my phone because all my pics today are fuzzy.

2.  I still got in a ton of steps yesterday, though, and got to take an awesome walk with Zoe.  Sometimes she seems so apathetic toward our walks, and other times it's like she thinks they're the best thing ever.  Yesterday was a "best thing ever" day and she was just a joy to walk with.  She also had fun playing in the river and gave me this look when I told her it was time to go:

Did anyone else watch that movie Milo and Otis a lot as a younger kid?  I rewatched it a few years back and it holds up surprisingly well as an adult.  I sometimes sing the theme song to Zoe at the beginning of our walks ("We're gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today").  She doesn't seem to appreciate my singing voice.  Everyone's a critic.

There's a scene in Milo and Otis where a deer is teaching Milo how to frolic.  It's ridiculous and involves much use of the word frolic, then ends with the deer saying, "Of course, it is possible to over-frolic" and they both lay down for a nap.  Advice to live by, people.

3.  James and I don't own a grill and this makes us sad.  But I read somewhere that you can create a fake grill by covering a baking pan with foil, putting a cookie sheet over it, and broiling your meat in the oven.  I tried this yesterday for the chicken half of our chicken and caesar salad dinner, and it turned out well:

Took about 6 minutes per side and came out crispy and a bit charred like on a grill.  I'll be using this in the future.  At least until we finally get a grill.

4.  James has many, many wonderful skills.  He's incredibly brilliant, compassionate, good with computers and animals, does his fair share of household chores, and doesn't mind too much when I talk about pregnancy a lot.  But of all his many wonderful abilities, his greatest skill ever is his ability to concoct a delicious frozen yogurt creation.  I love build-your-own fro yo places but am usually pretty simplistic with my creations.  He'll go in, throw together several random types of ice cream and toppings that shouldn't work, but they always come out wonderful.  It's one of my favorite things about him and I think I should have him make all my froyos going forward.  This was my creation last night:  strawberry and cake batter froyo, topped with toasted coconut, cheesecake, and mango fruit bursts.  Delicious, but not as good as the one James put together.

James wouldn't let me take a picture of his, so I don't remember what all went in to it, other than brilliance.

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