Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sour grapes at yoga, sour goodness at the froyo place

Total steps yesterday:  13,250
Exercise for today:  prenatal yoga, dog walking, drinking a PSL

Woke up this morning to get over to prenatal yoga.  Man, I was not feeling it today.  I have such a love/hate relationship with yoga, and today's class was challenging and uncomfortable.  The teacher (instructor?  yogi?  What's the right word there?) made it challenging and uncomfortable on purpose, in order to get us used to working through discomfort for when we're in labor.  Okay, fine, but let me come out of this squat now.

Shoulda held one minute, held about 10 seconds
According to this very helpful website, I burned 170 calories during my hour of yoga / mentally cursing my obnoxiously zen yoga instructor.  Which is all well and good, because I promptly drank that times two when I stopped by Starbucks for my first pumpkin spice latte of the season.  It was everything I ever could have hoped for.  

The rest of the day has been grocery shopping and errand running.  Dinner is delicious German food - there will be pictures and a post tomorrow.  Despite my excitement for it, all I can think about is this:

That's a giant cup of frozen yogurt from a new place I found last night.  It's a green apple / sour berry swirl with sour patch kids on top.  To a pregnant lady craving sour things, this was heaven, and I'm already trying to figure out how early I need to eat dinner tonight in order to be able to go out for another one for dessert.  Priorities.

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