Monday, August 19, 2013

15 Weeks, 3 Days

Total steps yesterday:  7275
Exercise plans for today:  3 mile run, Zoe walk

First, the classic locker room bump selfie (bumpie?) for the week:

It's my first day at work in my new maternity work pants and they are amazing.  I want to always wear maternity clothes.  They tend to be both 1) super soft, 2) stretchy to accommodate body changes, and 3) have shirts that are actually long enough to cover my midriff, whether or not I have a baby bump.  The workout clothes, in particular, are supportive and comfortable and I might always shop maternity workout clothes going forward.

Overall I'm feeling good this week.  I have energy again and tend to only feel morning sick one day a week or so.  I'm getting more headaches and dealing with round ligament pain, both of which are no fun, but it's so much better than first trimester.  I'm sleeping well again after a bout of insomnia last month, which I fully credit to the Snoogle pillow.  This is going to be my immediate recommendation to all newly pregnant women going forward, particularly if they were back or stomach sleepers before pregnancy.

Food-wise, all I want is fruit and frozen yogurt.  Snacks today have already included a banana, a peach, and apple yogurt, with strawberries ready to go for this afternoon.  I'm loving the summertime fruits so much and am not sure what I'll switch to if I'm still craving fruit once the season is over.

Exercise is going really well.  I'm running 3-4 days a week, walking every day, and tackling prenatal yoga once a week.  I don't love yoga and don't think I ever will, but I do appreciate how I feel after the class is over, so I'll stick with it for now.

Zoe and I discovered a new path through the woods by our house and it's made our daily walks so much more enjoyable.  It's fairly isolated and winds around a stream through a wooded area - the type of location that makes you want to believe in elves and fairies.  I miss the mountains like crazy but am also learning to love the Virginia woods.

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