Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Extreme laziness and also Tuesday's best e-mail

Total steps yesterday:  a pitiful 4516
Exercise plans for today:  three mile run

I have had a very lazy two days.  I woke up Sunday morning with zero motivation to do anything other than lay around in pajamas and read.  So I laid around in pajamas and read.  And then I mostly did the same thing yesterday.  It was partially because I was very close to the end of a good book, so I just wanted to finish it.  But that doesn't explain the naps I took both days.  Overall, I'm not too worried about it.  A  nice aspect of pregnancy so far is that I've been a bit gentler with myself about lazy days.  I used to feel way more guilt about them, but now I'm much more forgiving.  I think it's a good thing.

But I'm getting back to it today and am planning a three mile run for later this afternoon.   I'm feeling antsy to run again.  I did realize the other day, though, that I have never actually discussed my exercise regime with my OB.  I have an appointment next Friday and plan to confirm that I'm still good to be doing everything that I'm doing.  I think it'll be fine.

Interestingly enough, the Expecting Better blog I mentioned last week had an entry this week on exercise.  It was, shall we say, inconclusive.  The heart rate standard that she mentions is fine, but like many other things I've found in relation to exercise during pregnancy, it doesn't take in to consideration your fitness level before pregnancy.  I've stopped doing interval and tempo runs, and have cut back on hill runs, all of which tend to make my heartbeat spike for short periods (which is kind of the point).  But still, I would say my heartbeat is in the 160-170 range during my runs, and maintains that level pretty consistently whether pregnant or not.  Somehow I can't wrap my head around the idea that it's safe for me to maintain that level for, say, the two hours it takes to run a half marathon when not pregnant, but not safe for me to maintain that level for the 30 minutes it takes to run three miles when I am pregnant.  But this, I suppose, is why I should check with my doctor.

And finally, I love Tuesdays because they start with my weekly progress e-mail from Fitbit.  I can check my daily progress, of course, but it's cool to see the seven day summary.  In the last week, I took a total of 87,047 steps, or 39.13 miles.  That was mostly walking - only 9 of it was running - which is awesome in its own way.  It's one reason I love the Fitbit.  It motivates me to add just a few extra steps per day.  Parking a bit further from work, actually taking my 15 minute breaks at work to walk around the building, taking Zoe on a slightly longer walking trail - all of it adds up and suddenly I've walked 30 miles in a week.  Pretty crazy.  I think I might go back through my various progress reports since getting pregnant and start a running tally of how far Lil W and I have already gone together.  So far, s/he has pretty much been the best running partner ever.

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