Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Worst. Day. Ever.

Total steps yesterday:  14,456
Exercise plans for today:  a few dog walks

Well, today is the worst day ever, for one very simple reason.  This is something that affects all of us but is felt very keenly by me, and is going to put a serious hamper on the tone of this blog for at least the next few days.  And if you're a regular reader of this blog, I imagine you'll know exactly what the reason is and why I'm so incredibly upset about it.

Angry office selfie.
That's right:  my Fitbit is dead.  I'd taken the dog out for a quick walk this morning and went to check my Fitbit afterward in the hopes of seeing how far I'd gone, and there was no response.  No smiling face reassuring me of greatness.  No step count slowly ticking toward at least 10,000 steps.  No positive affirmation that I am doing what's right for my body.  Most importantly, no steps are adding up to keep me at the top of my friends list on Fitbit.  For those of you looking to dethrone me, now is your chance.  In short, I am sad face, much like the face on my Fitbit when I haven't taken enough steps in a day.

Okay, it's more of a taunting face than a sad one.
I realize, in a rational way, that this doesn't affect my body.  I can still take as many steps as I want and it still does me good.  And I realize that the miles are still ticking away despite me not having digital proof of them, but man, that digital proof is so nice.  It's just a matter of replacing the battery, but it's one of those funky flat batteries that I never seem to have around the house.  And so, for at least the next few days until I get things in order and get a new battery, there will be no step updates on this blog.

SO.  In place of the step updates, I'm introducing a new feature to the blog for the next few days.  Instead of a Total Step Count at the top of the entry, I'm going to end each blog post with an estimated step count, as well as a positive thought related to the government shutdown.  You might have heard about that in the news or something.  James has been furloughed and we're now in an unpaid holding pattern until government reopens.  I could whine and moan about it (and believe me I have), but I'm going to attempt to focus on the few good things about it.

Estimated steps for the day:  probably right around 10,000.  I skipped my lunchtime run to pick James up after his early out today, but have gotten in several walks and have a long Zoe walk planned later, so I'm most likely coming close to my goal.

Positive shutdown thought for the day:  Because James didn't have to get to work as early as normal, I got an extra half an hour of sleep and am feeling well rested.

God bless America.

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