Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grrr back pain.

Total steps yesterday:  7,362
Exercise for today:  none

It's the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon.  I'm looking out the patio window at orange and yellow leaves falling from the trees.  James just brought me a cup of half coffee, half coconut milk.  Zoe is sleeping with her head on my feet, which both keeps my feet warm and looks super adorable.  Lil W is training hard for future marathons, a near constant tapping that gently announces her presence. I feel very surrounded by my little family, and very happy.

Except for my back.  Oh, this terrible terrible back. I'd planned to run today, but knew when I woke up this morning that I needed a full day of rest.  I'm not sure what exactly is causing the pain.  I was initially worried it was from running, but it seems to hurt whether or not I run.  So I think it's just a natural consequence of carrying 20 more pounds on the front of my body than I was a few months ago.

It does feel a million times better when there's pressure against it, which has made it super challenging to not sleep on my back the last few nights.  I've always been a back sleeper before pregnancy, and it's been a huge adjustment to switch to my side.  I gave myself mental permission before bed last night to sleep on my back if it felt comfortable, but Lil W has gotten too heavy to make that work.

Luckily, James is the best husband ever and kept shifting positions with me so I could always lean in to either his back or his chest.  That helped get me through the night, and hopefully a day of taking it super easy will help me feel better.  In the end, a little bit of back pain is a small price to pay for Lil W.  As long as both James and Zoe are willing to take turns bracing my back while I sleep, I hope I can make it through the next three months without major issues. 

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