Friday, October 25, 2013

T Minus 15 Weeks

Total steps yesterday:  12,775
Exercise for today:  3 mile run

It's crazy to me that I started blogging at about 15 weeks along, and now I'm down to only 15ish weeks to go. Both James and I have had moments this week of freaking out over how little time we have left.

Some fun Lil W facts for this week:  she now weighs in at about a pound and a half and is around 13.5 inches long, or about the weight of a rutabaga.  She's also starting to gain baby fat, so will look less like Skeletor and be getting less wrinkly.  And if I could see her, I'd be able to make out her hair color and texture.  I hope she ends up with her dad's thick, dark hair and not my super fine boring auburn hair. 

Notice:  both super fine boring hair and a bump picture not in gym clothes

Speaking of her dad's hair, I think I'm starting to notice more gray in it.  He's clearly dealing with some physical changes as well!

I'm continuing to slow down a little bit.  After last week's 21k step day, I realized that I just can't do that any more.  As much as I'm still trying to hit my 10k a day goal, I'm now trying to cut back and not go over about 13k on my most active days.  It just seems like that suits my body's needs better (and means Zoe is getting more time at the dog park instead of on walks, which she seems perfectly happy with).

My only other major physical symptom is that my mid to upper back hurts a lot.  I wasn't expecting this, since I'd been braced for lower back pain.  It's not a huge deal, but I do tend to get in to bed super early now - not because I'm tired, but because it's the only way I'm comfortable.  Zoe has been super cuddly lately (more on that in a moment) and one of my favorite things that she'll do is to plop down against my back when I'm laying on my side.  I can lean back in to her a bit and it helps brace me / feels awesome and cuddly.

I do think Zoe definitely knows what's up at this point, too.  I'm not always one of those people who is like, "My dog has psychic feelings and totally gets me", but her behavior changes recently have me thinking she knows that there's a baby on the way (or at least that something is going on in my stomach  and her new job is to protect it).  She spends a fair amount of her time in the evening trying to (and usually succeeding in) sitting on my lap.  At night, she cuddles up as close to my bump as I'll let her get.  And you should have seen my 40 pound dog take down the boxer at the dog park who dared to try to jump up to greet me. 

So basically, late fall and cold is settling in, and I feel like my entire little family is now playing a waiting game focused largely around my torso.  I'm glad that Lil W continues to grow and be strong, and am thankful that we are all in good health and good spirits as we inch ever closer to third trimester.

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