Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Registry blues (and pinks) and the worst pregnant exercise advice ever

Total steps yesterday:  6,566
Total cupcakes yesterday:  2
Exercise for today:  35 minutes on the elliptical

Yesterday's rest day was the exact thing that my brain/body/soul needed.  The sore back that has been plaguing me for the last few days is gone.   I feel a little bit less mentally foggy, and the fog that is there seems to be normal pregnancy fog, not "feeling depressed about life" fog, which is a marked improvement.  Overall, it was definitely the right choice to take a mental health day, and even though I'm back to the grind today, I'm feeling much better.

The downside of being back to the grind is that, today, there is nothing that actually needs grinding.  There were a few small things I had to deal with I first got back to the office, but overall it's a slow time at work.  Which is good, since it means I could spend approximately 3 hours of the morning fine tuning yesterday's baby registry attempt.

Phew.  Babies need a lot of stuff.  And I feel like many of the decisions come with more questions.  Like, I would love to do cloth diapers, or at least use cloth diapers when convenient and then have disposable ones when inconvenient.  However, we currently use the laundry room in our building, and pay for each use, which makes me think it wouldn't be convenient to do cloth diapers because we couldn't wash them daily.

Then there are the important questions that we all must ask ourselves, such as whether or not a snoogle is an adequate substitute for a boppy. And whether to purchase the pale pink or the pale blue bamboobies.  And why all baby items are given such ridiculous sounding names.

The sheer number of items that are needed, not to mention the sheer price, is a bit nerve-racking.  Out of morbid curiosity / wanting to hate my life, I added up how much all the items on my registry would cost.  The total came to $3787.55.  Now, not all of the items are necessities, and a lot of them were chosen with long term or versatile use in mind, so the high price now is justified down the road.  Or there are things like diapers that I registered for in bulk that I can buy piecemeal as needed instead.  In the end, it's not a huge deal.  But considering that we won't even have a real nursery for the first three months, and that Lil W will be roughly the size of a football during that time, there is just an astonishing amount of things that are needed or would just make life a whole lot simpler.

Someone suggested registering so you had a complete list of what was needed, and then doing a massive thrift store / Craigslist shopping effort to pick up as many items as possible.  Something like that might be in order sometime soon. 

Or maybe James and I will just move to Finland.

And finally, a pregnancy and exercise update related to the elliptical, which I rocked for the first time during pregnancy today.  I don't love the elliptical - for some reason it seems to bug my knees more than running, but I need a cross-training alternative, and I'd forgotten my running belt today, so it seems like a good chance to get back on the elliptical horse.  I've heard a few things about it leading to damage after pregnancy, though, so I did some quick internet research to find out if it's fact or fiction.  It seems to be mostly fiction - like any other exercise, listen to your body, but it's highly suggested as an alternative to running.

Except there was on additional suggestion, having to do with your body overheating, that I found so repulsive I had to share.  However, I'll insert this space buffer GIF here so that those of you not inclined toward pregnancy overshares can discreetly close the page and move on with your day.

What's The Best GIF On The Internet?
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Apparently, in order to insure that your internal body temperature doesn't get too high while ellipticalling, you should purchase a rectal thermometer and check it every 20 minutes.  Um...no.  Never, ever happening.  This is just one more reason I don't like the elliptical.

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