Monday, October 28, 2013

I don't have any toes!

Total steps yesterday: 5,062
Exercise for today:  3 mile run

Today's run felt good.  Really, really good.  And my back isn't remotely sore at the moment, though it was last night when I went to bed, which is both good and bad news.  The good news is that I don't think running is the culprit.  The bad news is that I think pregnancy is the culprit, which means I have 3 or so more months of this to look forward to.  Boo.

But at least I can keep running.

Other important moments in pregnancy this week:  I have officially made the transition to looking pregnant enough that the general public asks me about the pregnancy.  Which is good to know, if only because it means I'm safely out of the "fat or pregnant?" gray area.  No one wants to be there.

Along the same vein, an important thing happened the other morning when I looked down at my feet.  When standing straight up and looking down, I can no longer see my toes.  Luckily I know they're still there, or else running would be much harder, but I'll miss them.  And I need to buy more flat boots to get them through the cold winter ahead.

I feel like this blog has been really boring lately and like I should have more to say.  But I also think pregnancy is kind of at a boring point right now.  The rush of new baby excitement is wearing down, but there's still so long to go until the baby arrives that there's no real excitement for her arrival yet.  The weekly updates are pretty much "yep, your baby is growing".  Feeling her kick is awesome but is also pretty regular now so doesn't feel special.  There are some minor physical changes for me (have I mentioned my back pain?) but nothing that is unmanageable.  Next week I go to the doctor and have my glucose test and sometime in the next week or so I  have to go in for a rhogam shot, but neither of those are particularly sexy / blog worthy.  I'd rather have a boring, normal pregnancy than an exciting, abnormal one, but seriously, I'm ready for actual baby arrival right about now.


  1. A boring pregnancy is a good thing really. Glad you're still running and had a good one to boot!

    1. Totally prefer boring to non-boring, CNF! It just doesn't make for the most riveting blog. I should start triathlon training or something to make it more exciting...

  2. Two days after I got home from the hospital, I looked down and realized how long my toe nails were! Seriously, so long. I think, once I could no longer see my toes, I just forgot to cut them anymore.