Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chun Li(l W)

Total steps yesterday:  14,867
Exercise for today:  3 mile run

Guys, we need to talk about how I'm eating all the Halloween candy.  I don't even really like candy all that much and would always prefer something more substantial, but this week I'm eating everything candy.  I've decided to just give in, embrace it, and then not look at candy again until sometime next year.  I think it's the best choice.

Lil W must love all the sugary goodness, though, because today she has been doing this all. day. long:

Chun-Li's Lightning Kick Cosplay

I texted H that I've decided to name her Chun Li, and he seemed totally cool with that, so I guess we've found our girl name.

Today's run wasn't very fun.  For 38 minutes, my thoughts went a little something like this:

0:00 - 6:30 -- "I hate everything in the entire universe."
6:31 - 8:27 -- "Why is it so hot in here?  Gyms should be arctic."
8:28 - 10:56 -- "Almost to a mile.  If I get to a mile I can quit."
10:57 - 13:30 -- "One mile.  I can push to a mile and a half.  It'll probably feel good soon."
13:31 - 13:35 -- "I feel amazing!  I can do this.  I can do anything!"
13:36 - 17:12 -- "Need to pee, need to pee, need to pee."
17:13 - 22:00 -- "Ah, there's my stride again.  Hello, long lost best friend."
22:01 - 25:17 --  "Feet hurt.  Need new shoes.  Need new shoes that don't cost anything but support 20 extra pounds.  Life is so hard."
25:18 - 27:30 -- "I hate everything in the entire universe."
27:31 - 32:43 -- "If this were a marathon, I'd barely be a tenth of the way done.  I'm never running a marathon.  Marathons are the worst."
32:44 - 33:00 --"Dun-dun-dun-dun-duuunnn-dun cha cha cha (aka the theme from Chariots of Fire)"
33:00 - 34:00 -- "Cool downs are the best.  I should always just do cool downs and never, ever run again."
34:00-38:00 -- "I love running.  Running is the best.  I should probably register right this second for next year's NYC marathon because if running is the best, marathons are the bestest best."

In this respect, I'm pretty sure running is probably pretty much like pregnancy and labor.  Mostly shitty, but there are times when it feels so good, and even the horrible moments have an end.  And by the time I'm done and Lil W is here, I'll probably forget all about all the troublesome times.

Or I'll remember every minute and still be glad I did it.  I wonder if it'll be like other races, where I always swear halfway through that I'm never doing this again, and then about a week later start planning for another one.

Basically, babies = running in my mind today, which is how it should be.  Babies are the best.

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  1. Such profundity!! Goes along with fecundity!!!
    I love the kicking video, and the thoughts while running are hilarious. And you are 100% correct in that you will have thoughts of never again, then go on to thinking that was the best thing ever. Well, maybe not about actual labor, but the end result is - amazing like you!!
    Candy candy candy!!! Carry on!