Thursday, October 24, 2013

Look familiar?

Total steps yesterday: 12,887
Exercise for today:  3 miles on the elliptical

If you knew me in August 2011, I guarantee you probably saw some variation of this picture:

Like most every woman, I was pretty obsessed with my engagement ring for a while, even though James and I had the least romantic engagement story ever (I e-mailed him asking if he wanted to get married, and he responded affirmatively two hours later). And then we went out that weekend and bought a relatively inexpensive ring and haven't looked back since.

I didn't miss my engagement ring when I switched over to my wedding ring, which has a reassuring weight to it.  But this weight, combined with my sometimes swollen fingers, has made me give it up for now. It's not that I'm particularly worried about it getting stuck, or that I can't go most of the day without it. But I've found myself taking it off sporadically (when I workout, when I sleep, basically any time I get too hot) and I'm worried that I'll lose it.  So at least for now I'm returning to my engagement ring, and accepting this as a small price to pay for baby.

Though I'm also remembering how much I like my engagement ring now.  Maybe I'll never go back.

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  1. Do you remember that I had to get my ring cut off when I was pregnant with Elaine? It was an interesting experience - Mr. Blohm was quite kind.