Monday, October 7, 2013

So much pregnanter. More pregnant. Whatever.

Total steps yesterday:  5786 on Fitbit, plus about 6000 more from my non-Fitbitted run/walk
Exercise for today:  2.2 mile walk

Man, I don't know what it is about this week, but I'm feeling so much more pregnant all of a sudden.  I need, like, 14 hours of sleep a day.  I'm hungry all the time.  My exercise abilities are going downhill.  A turtle stuck on its back is more graceful and fluid than me trying to turn over at night.  I'm so hot (temperature wise) at night.  And don't even get me started about walking up hills or stairs - suffice to say, it does not happen without frequent breaks. 

And I still have 18 weeks to go.

Oh, did I mention the leg cramps?  After dissipating for a bit last week, they're back in full force.  My life is so hard.

Also, at my check-up this morning, my doctor told me that I was gaining weight too fast.  I wanted to yell back that it's actually her nurse who doesn't accurately measure weight, but I realized that would make me sound crazy and hormonal (it's actually true, but I'm not going to fight my doctor over 3 pounds.  Except when that translates to me "gaining" twice as much weight as I actually have since the last visit, maybe I should have said something.  Whatever, I'm over it and probably shouldn't have left this in parantheses).  So apparently my emotions are a little out of whack right now as well.

None of this is inherently a bad thing.  I don't mind being more pregnant.  I realize it's going to get worse before it gets better.  It's just a bit of a hard reality.  I only have about 5 more weeks in the supposedly glorious second trimester, and while I'm mostly feeling fine, I'm not ready to give up feeling good and having energy just yet.   And I'm really not ready to give up running.  Tomorrow's workout is planned as a three mile run, and it's going to be my test of whether yesterday's bad run was a fluke or the new normal.  I'm really, really hoping for a fluke, but will of course adjust to the new reality if I really have slowed down that much. 

I have, though, pretty much given up strength training as a lost cause.  It just doesn't feel right, and I'm not going to push the issue, so I'm now alternating running days with walking days.  And throwing in some at home yoga each night in the hopes of avoiding the aforementioned leg cramps, but I'm not really counting that as exercise. 

I'm still glad I have my Fitbit back, though, and still hopefully that I can hit my 1,000 miles to baby goal.  I'm currently at 660 miles with the baby, which just means I need to average 20 miles a week if I want to hit my goal.  I think that's pretty doable.

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