Friday, November 1, 2013

26 things for 26 weeks!

Total steps yesterday:  17,205
Exercise for today:  Rest

1.  Today is going to be a list post since there's a lot going on, and since I'm 26 weeks along now I figured I can make a list of 26 things that are on my mind.
2.  Lil W is the size of a scallion, though that's presumably a length measurement and not a weight measurement.
3.  Mama Spaghetti responded to a Facebook post I put up at what would have been about 4 a.m. her time.  I wondered why she was up so early and then realized it's probably due to this and that I'll be the one Facebooking at 4 a.m. soon.
4.  I was reading ahead in pregnancy symptoms for the next few weeks and have decided that I'm actually 28 weeks pregnant, since the symptoms that supposedly get worse then (back pain, nighttime leg cramps, headaches when standing up) have kicked in for me this week.  I'm sure the interwebs knows more about where I'm at in pregnancy than ultrasound measurements.
5.  Today I am wearing this maternity shirt, and Macy's thinks that this is a maternity dress.  Macy's, shirts are not dresses.
Go home, Macy's, you're drunk.
6.  Zoe woke up in the middle of the night last night and needed to go out, which always feels like baby practice.  She used to let me know of her needs by sitting on my head while I slept, but lately has started worming her way in to little spoon position and licking my face.  She's adorable.
7.  But then I couldn'y fall back to sleep and spent from about 2:30-4 in a half asleep daze with, for some reason, songs from Anastasia in my head.  It was amazing to me how many of those lyrics I remembered.  James, of course, slept soundly through both Zoe waking me up and me tossing and turning for 1.5 hours.

8.  Really big news!  James and I are making a last minute trip to Elko next weekend.  He has a job thingy he's pursuing and I have a "hang out with my family and eat Basque food" thingy that I'm pursuing.
9.  But wow, last minute trips are stressful.  We're having to throw together plans very quickly and right now it kind of feels like more trouble than it's worth.
10.  But it's actually totally worth it, because not only do I get to hang out with my fam, but I get to meet the new bundle of joy who's keeping her mama up in point #3 of this list.  And that is worth all the trouble in the world.
11.  Plus, Mama Spaghetti is the best friend and has promised that I can use her newborn to teach James how to both hold newborns and change diapers, two things that will come in very handy in a few months.
12.  And I get to say hi to Little Spaghetti, aka my former ring bearer / all around awesome big brother, and that's always fun.
13.  AND I hopefully will get to meet another friend's 4 or so month old baby, which will also be nice because James will get to see both how newborns are, and how they get a bit more interactive as they get older.
14.  First I need to find Zoe a dog sitter, though.  Dog sitters are three times more expensive in VA than they were in CO, and they're oddly picky with the dogs they take in, so I'm worried my nervous scaredy-dog won't pass the standards of my top choice place.  Keep your fingers crossed.
15.  I'm also really glad I bought plane tickets yesterday instead of today, because the cost tripled overnight.  I can't even.  If I'd waited, I would have been sending James on his own and staying home.  It's not worth the price.
16.  Other things I want to do in Elko:  go for a run/walk with my dad, get breakfast burritos with my sister, drink coffee in front of the fireplace.
17.  Can we talk for a hot second about how it's already November?  I don't know how this happened.  I had all these intentions to send my little sister a birthday package and now I'm too late, so I'm just going to bring myself to her as a gift instead.  Sound cool, E?
18.  Also, we fly home on my T-minus three months due-iversary.  Or, you know, three months before my due date if you talk like a normal person.  This pregnancy has felt like forever but is actually going super fast.
19.  I had a dream last night about newborn Lil W starting to talk at 2 weeks, and no one thinking it was a big deal.  Clearly I know more about babies than everyone.
20.  I wonder if I should look in to anything involving pregnancy and flying.  I think I'm totally safe up until third trimester, but should probably check on that in case I have to get a note from the doctor / fight with the airline.
21.  I just realized this post is getting really long and there is exactly zero chance of me going back to edit it.  So sorry for all the typos in the previous 20 points.
22.  So I just googled pregnancy and flying, and it sounds like it's no big deal, but apparently if you're a pilot / flight attendant / someone who fly commutes daily between cities then you should check with your doctor about radiation exposure.  Good thing I didn't follow through on my childhood dream of being a pilot.
23.  I never had childhood dreams of being a pilot.
24.  Good thing I double-checked my specific airline rules - I need a certificate stating that I'm healthy and awesome to fly on United.  I wonder what they'd do if I didn't have one?  Do you think they'd actually turn me away at the gate?  
25.  I'm going to miss Zoe so much when we're gone.
26.  I'll probably miss my Snoogle more than I'll miss Zoe.

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