Sunday, November 17, 2013


Total steps yesterday:  4,489
Exercise for today:  failed attempt at 3 mile run

Zoe and I have spent approximately 90% of the weekend like this:

James took a creeper photo during yesterday's naptime

Apparently we've entered the nesting stage of pregnancy.

And now it appears that I'll spend even more time like this since I managed to twist my ankle about a quarter of a mile in to my running attempt this morning.  I made it most of the way back to the apartment on my own, but eventually had to call on James to comes help me the last little bit.  And that's why you should always have a cell phone on you when running outside. So, if nothing else, I'll probably be giving up trail running for the rest of the pregnancy.  Hopefully there won't be any other long term effects.

Here's a challenge, though.  One of the ways to treat a twisted ankle is to keep it elevated above your heart, which isn't a big deal.  But you're also not supposed to lay flat on your back because you're pregnant, so I'm currently sitting in a weird V position with a pile of pillows both behind my back and under my foot.  Pregnant life is so hard.

Also, Ibuprofen is a pregnancy no-no and could apparently kill the baby.  While it's unlikely to do so from one dose, this is one of those pregnancy risks I won't be taking, so I'm just living with the pain for right now.

I guess this means James will just have to take on extra housework today since I should probably rest.  Pregnant life is so hard for him too.

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