Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Total steps yesterday:  13,981
Exercise for today:  3.5 miles on elliptical

The absolute worst thing happened during my workout today.  I was 7 minutes in to ellipticaling when I realized I'd forgotten to put on my Fitbit.  And I didn't want to throw off my groove by going to grab it.  I know the exercise still counts, but it feels less real, and when my numbers tomorrow don't show those extra ~6000 steps, I'm going to be sad.

But that okay, because then I'll get happy when I get to leave work at 2 in order to fly to NV!  This has felt like the longest week and I definitely need a break from things.  James was bugging me a while back to make a doctor appointment for him, and I told him he could do it, to which he responded, "Yeah, but we both know you're the adult in this relationship".  It's totally true.  I think James and I have a pretty equal partnership, but in our division of duties, I definitely ended up with the ones like "making appointments" and "paying bills" and "making last minute travel arrangements to fly cross country, rent a car, and find someone to take care of our pets".  Long story short, it's been a very stressful week of being an adult and I need a break. 

When I have a child, does that mean I always have to be an adult?  That doesn't sound like fun at all.

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  1. Well, when you come "home" you'll always be my child! So, there's that . . .
    Also, having a child is so much fun - some of the time - that you (both) get to be kids again! So yay!