Tuesday, November 5, 2013

James and I had our first serious parenting disagreement

Total steps yesterday:  13,016 
Exercise for today:  3 mile run

Yay!  I was actually able to run today!  Not sure what the story was compared to yesterday, but I felt great and pushed through.  Well, not great exactly.  I was very aware today that, pregnancy aside, I weigh 24 pounds more than I did a few months back and that's going to make running harder regardless of the circumstances. The last half mile was a little rough, but not impossible, so I'm feeling good.

Had a check-up at the doctor's today and all is looking / sounding good.  My stomach is measuring exactly where it should be (apparently it should be ~ 1 cm for every week when measuring a certain way and I'm right on schedule) and the baby's heartbeat still sounds good.  I'll hear in a few days whether or not I have gestational diabetes, but I'm not concerned about that.  The glucose test drink was really disgusting, especially on an empty stomach, so I'm glad to have that over.

James and I had our first major parenting disagreement last night and, being as we are ourselves, it was of course about language.  He asked me if we should try to teach Lil W a second language when she was young.  Seems like a harmless idea to me, and I agreed.  But then our paths diverged.  He thinks we should teach her Latin because it's the base for so many of the other languages and she can learn more from there.  I think we should teach her Spanish because she'll need that in her day to day existence more than Latin.  We got a bit heated standing up for our sides, and probably would have divided the apartment in half with tape and each lived on our own side for the next three months if we hadn't realized we could probably teach her both.  Compromise, people.  It's what makes a marriage work.


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