Monday, December 2, 2013

Bad blogger / exerciser / all around human being

Total steps yesterday:  6,094
Exercise for today:  3 mile run

It's funny to me that when I'm busy / at work / have a tight schedule, I'm a much better blogger than when I have four days of nothing to do.  I'd planned to blog on Thanksgiving, at least briefly, but then got caught up in cooking and didn't have time.  I at least had an excuse that day.  The rest of my weekend looked like this:

Friday:  Get up, make coffee and breakfast, sit on the couch all day watching a Chopped marathon until about 3:00 when I took a nap.  My total steps for the day were just shy of 3,000, and I only had that many because I have a dog who occasionally needs to go outside.  Even she spent most of the day napping on the couch with me.

Saturday:  Get up, run a few small errands, go see Hunger Games with a friend, then sit on the couch watching a Chopped Marathon.  No nap, though, so I consider that a success.  And I got something like 7,000 steps that day walking to the theater, so it was a small improvement.

Sunday:  Grocery shop, clean the apartment, do some laundry, otherwise be productive until 4:30 or so when I (wait for it) sat on the couch and watched a Chopped marathon.  You would have thought that I could have taken at least 30 minutes of each of those weekend days to go to the gym - I could just as easily watch a Chopped episode on the treadmill as I could at home, but that was apparently too hard.

I also apparently couldn't fathom the idea of both blogging and watching television at the same time, and thus didn't blog at all.  Or we can all acknowledge that my blog would have consisted of me talking about foods that I don't recognize and sharing pictures of a sleeping dog and accept that it's probably better I didn't write anything over the weekend.

But.  I did officially hit the 30 week mark of pregnancy, which means I'm 75% done.  Lil W is a kicking machine, weighing in at about 3 pounds, and I've decided that she's about ready to make her arrival.  I mean, not literally - we're still two months or so away from that joyous event.  But she seems a lot more real the last few days, even if her reality is mostly expressed through kicks to my bladder.  Such a good girl.

Anyway, I'm getting back in gear today with a treadmill run at lunch, food being relatively on track, and slightly fewer hours in my day to watch television.  I don't really have any regrets about the lazy weekend.  In theory I might have felt better if I were more active, but in actuality I sort of loved the laziness.  And I recognize that it's good to enjoy this downtime while I have it.  Though I think Lil W will happily watch cooking shows with me once she arrives.

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  1. I'm sure she'll be a Chopped fan - and a cooking whiz!! Can't wait!