Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The end is nigh. Maybe.

Total steps yesterday:  12,095
Exercise for today:  1 mile run, 2 miles elliptical

Well, it's been a long, long road toward 31 weeks of pregnancy, and running has been a big part of that road.  But, alas, I think the end might be here.  Or almost here.  I have a 5k race on Sunday and  I'm determined to push through that, but once that's over, I might call it.

I'm going to try a few things first, though, especially since my last run on Thanksgiving felt really good.  But today I was dealing with some major foot and calf pain on my run.  The last few runs I've been on I've felt a bit numb for the first mile, but have been able to push through.  Today I just couldn't.  I made it to a mile hoping the pain would go away, but it didn't, so I quit and switched to the elliptical.

There are a few possible culprits.  First, I probably need new running shoes.  But with only two months left in pregnancy, I don't want to spend the money on shoes that fit my pregnant feet / support my pregnant body if those shoes won't be right after Lil W arrives.  Especially since good running shoes that fit my needs cost a lot.  I'd rather switch to walking and the elliptical for the next two months and save that money for baby items. 

I've also been getting a ton of leg cramps at night lately, no matter what I do to avoid them.  This is apparently pretty normal in pregnancy, with no totally clear cause.  But it makes me wonder if having my muscles cramp throughout the night isn't exactly conducive to them feeling strong and supple during daytime runs.

It's also possible that basic math is working against me.  30 extra pounds + stomach throwing me off balance + loosening ligaments = painful running.  And if that's the case, there's nothing I can do about it and I will accept my lot in life.

Or I could just be having an off day.

So, my tentative plan is to try another run on Thursday with the treadmill set to 0% incline - normally I have it on a slight incline and I figure that's probably not helping sore legs, so I'll dial it back even further.  I'll see how I feel.  If I still hurt, I'll probably do a run/walk combo to get through my Sunday race and will count that as a glorious capstone on an awesome 31 weeks of running. 

But then I'll have nothing to blog about.

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  1. "But then I'll have nothing to blog about." Not true, not true!! You're still stepping along toward Lil W's arrival!! And, there's always walking! As you said earlier, even on an "off" day, you walked 3,000 steps. I am so grateful you're so healthy, and being wise. And if you want new shoes for the duration - never a bad idea - you know who to call . . . I am an heiress! :)