Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just to be the (mom) who walks 1000 miles...

Total steps yesterday:  12,535
Exercise for today:  40 minutes elliptical

I'm just going to leave this right here.

That's right - 7 months, 2.25 millions steps later, Lil W has officially traveled her first 1,000 miles.  Here's to many, many more miles ahead of her, with the sincere hope that many of them will be good.

By my rough estimates, probably around 300 of those miles were running, and 700 were walking, which means we've spent roughly  283 hours being active together.  That sounds like a lot, but when it's added up in 10 minutes walks here and there, the occasional runs, and lots of little incidental trips to places like the grocery store and frozen yogurt shop, it adds up.  It also goes to show how, with relatively minimal effort, you can travel a lot of miles in your life.

I first got my Fitbit right around a year ago, which I only remember because it was just before James and I went to New Orleans for a honeymoon.  In that time, I've walked or ran almost 2,000 miles.  I'm sure I would have done significantly fewer if it weren't for the Fitbit acting as an extra source of motivation.

Moral of the story:  get a Fitbit for Christmas.  And also, I should probably get new running shoes soon.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think the next step is falling down at someone's door.

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  1. AWESOME!!!! Printed out to share with the father figure - well done, Kathryn, well done!!
    Much love your way!