Friday, December 13, 2013

State of the Union (between me and Lil W)

Total steps yesterday:  14,637
Exercise for today:  hour long Zoe walk

Welcome to 32 weeks pregnant, people.

I'm slowly whittling down my list of remaining things to do before the baby arrives.  This list once includes such lofty goals as "learn to knit blankets" and "buy a cd of baby noises to get Zoe used to them", and now includes "just make sure you have a car seat so you can get her home from the hospital, and you can figure everything else out later".  Priorities.

I've had the weirdest schedule at work this week, which always makes the week feel long, but has the added bonus of Zoe and I getting daylight time outside to take walks in the woods, a privilege that we've missed the last little bit.

It was a beautiful day for a long walk, and I think Zoe liked it too.  I was out of breath for a lot of the time, but that's apparently pretty normal this week.  Basically, things are growing and moving and this stomach is getting to the point where it's not big enough for the two of us.  I've never been more grateful to have my Snoogle pregnancy pillow - it's always been helpful, but right now when I need back support, bump support, and leg support, it's the best thing ever.

Also, I could spend hours (and okay, maybe do) staring at my stomach watching Lil W move around.  James thinks it's freaky, and I do too, but now any time I feel her start moving I can't help but stare.  As I type this, she's getting in to her active stage of the day, and it's always a fun, if slightly off-putting, time of day.

Remember ages ago when I started feeling uncomfortable bending at the waist, and it's laughable now because I was only about 17 weeks pregnant then?  Well, now I legitimately have a hard time moving.  On today's walk, I had to get around two trees that had fallen over the path.  The first was about knee high and I could step over it.  The second was waist high, so I couldn't climb over it, but when I tried to bend over to go under it my body just laughed at me.  That was fun.  I had to scramble a bit up the hill to get around the tree, and Zoe just sat there impatiently watching.  And you should see me try to get out of bed.  Thank god for strong triceps, because those get used in ways you never imagine.  In P90x, you have to do these push-ups at the end of one of the workouts, and they're the worst, but that's pretty much what I have to do to get out of bed these days.

And I haven't run since Sunday, since I can't find my running belt (aka have been too lazy to look) but I kind of think I might be done.  I'm still active and moving, but walking might be more my pace right now.  I'm at peace with that.  Sunday's 5k was a great, great run, and I'd rather end on a high note than feel forced to stop because of a bad run.

Though I reserve the right to change my mind.

Also, just fyi, tomorrow is going to be a really big, important day on the blog.  Stay tuned for an exciting announcement!

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  1. What!!!???!! What does that last sentence mean?? I await with baited breath. That sounds like halitosis . . . What IS baited breath, anyway? And is it bated or baited?
    I wait . . . .