Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fighting for breath

Total steps yesterday:  13,682
Exercise for today:  2.5 mile walk

I'm used to being out of breath.  When you run as much as I do, it goes with the territory, and you learn to work through the pain and marvel as your lungs increase in capacity until you can run for 2 hours without thinking about it.  I've adjusted to being out of breath more frequently now that I'm sharing my body with a little parasite - since about 4 months in, even the shortest flights of stairs and gentlest inclines leave me huffing and puffing. I figured it was all just part of the deal when it comes to pregnancy.

Well, now the thing most likely to lead to me losing my breath is sitting.  Lil W and all of her accompanying growth are infringing on my lung space and it is not fun.  I'm tempted to jerry-rig a stand up desk at work just so I don't have to deal with fighting to breathe for the next two months.  It's not a huge deal, though I do complain to James about it a lot.  And that last sentence pretty much summarizes this whole pregnancy experience.

In other pregnancy news, I've been thinking lately about how much fun it will be to watch Lil W experience things for the first time.  She doesn't know what colors are, and I can't imagine how cool it would be to, say, see blue for the first time.  She doesn't know what a dog is (and Zoe doesn't know what a baby is), but introducing those two is going to be amazing.  She has no idea that there are amazing things like pizza and cupcakes to enjoy, let alone that running and swimming and biking exist so we have an excuse to carb load.

I read an article today that included this quote:  "One of the great things about children is that they have no other concern than to be simply interested in things."  What a wonderful thing that is.  I don't plan to relive my own youth through Lil W, but I can't wait to see what interests her.  It's going to be fun.

Sleep depriving, but fun.

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  1. So many people tell me that being a grandma is the best thing in the world - "so much better than being a mom" - yet I've loved being a mom so much, how is that possible? But reading this reminds me of the wonder that children experience - and the wonder we get to experience because of that. It's going to be fun. :)