Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10,000 Baby Photos

Lil W finally and happily arrived on 02/13/14 at 1:32 a.m.  Labor was not nearly as terrible as I'd expected, and while I might right up a whole "birth experience" post at some point, the main takeaway for me is that it didn't suck.  And it ended with an awesome new little addition to the household, and that's cool.  We spent the first couple of days in the hospital learning important life skills like how to nurse, and now we're home and just hanging out.  James went back to work yesterday and we're now in countdown mode to next month's relocation to the Elko area.

Lil W is a dream baby so far.  She's easy to calm when she's fussy, nurses like a champion (after some growing pains the first few days), and has gained back 6 of the 14 ounces that she lost between being born and her first pediatrician appointment.  She has long legs and a strong neck and is already working on correct form for when she starts doing push-ups.  She and Zoe get along (see video proof below) and she's definitely part of Zoe's pack.  All in all, things are very good in our little household at the moment. 

And now a selection of baby photos from the first week.  There are a million more but I'll try not to inundate with too many.

Cuddling for the first time.

Greeting the day, her first day.
Already learning how to give skeptical side-eye
Napping anywhere and any time she can, like her mother taught her.
Meeting her Aunt Emily.
I'm human again!  Showered and wearing contacts = somewhat back to normal.
Heading home from the hospital.  It snowed 14 inches between when she was born and when we returned home.  Bundling up was necessary

Hanging with Grandma

World's best yawner
Baby's first selfie.
And as promised, Zoe and Lil W shortly after they met.  For the record, both James and I had close hands on Zoe during her first few interactions with Lil W, just in case she got nervous or scared or reacted too strongly to the baby.  But from their first moments, they've been a dream together.  Zoe is careful around the baby, but takes every opportunity to rest her head near Lil W and/or try to lick her feet.  I think they'll be best friends in no time, once Lil W realizes what dogs are.


  1. Awww love the photos kwith!!
    Happy to hear you are all doing well!

  2. Haha I love the one with her sticking out her tongue!